This group is committed to fulfilling our church's mission: to make mature and committed disciples in the city of Mississauga.


William Raposo

LEAD PASTOR  – Nothing excites me more than to see people following Jesus and experiencing His transforming power. That is why my wife and I, shortly after our wedding, packed our bags and headed to Seminary in Europe. I love to teach the word of God, and I’m passionate about sharing life with people – mentoring them towards the enjoyment of God and service to others. Today, Cristina and I have three incredible children: Abigail, Logan and Grace, and as a family we lead and worship at Centreview Church.


Monica Valerio

DIRECTOR, KIDS MINISTRY – I love Jesus. I love my family. And I love the children I serve every Sunday. I get to train and raise a future generation of mature and committed disciples of Jesus.

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Jeff Garcia

DIRECTOR, GUEST EXPERIENCE – It is my mission to let no one leave Centreview Church without knowing that there is great God, and a community of people in Mississauga who are committed to helping them pursue Christ. Together with my wife, Stephanie, and two kids, Ava and Oliver, we worship and serve at Centreview Church.


Roger Figueiredo


The gospel has changed me. It’s changed how I think and how I feel. That’s why I look for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus—it can save anyone. It brings me great pleasure to sing with a community of imperfect people who have experienced something similar. I’m married to Marta, and worship at Centreview with our kids, Ben and Meghan.